The company was looking for suppliers to provide IT solutions, which were close to us, reliable, formal and professional and that bring solutions to our needs. Within the list that we have we have had the pleasure of knowing SOLTIMEX™ since 6 years now.


Being since then a responsible company that has given us their support, trust, satisfaction and to be assured that we count on them to achieve and complete IT projects when they are required.

MRC. José de Jesús Villanueva Zermeño
IT Manager. Manufacturera Bigger, S.A. de C.V.

I am pleased to be able to write most warmly in support of SOLTIMEX™, a company that we have been working with in the past 5 years. The CIO has requested SOLTIMEX™ services mainly in training and consulting areas like: ITIL, Project Management, Six Sigma and virtualisation. Our experience working with them has been more than satisfactory since we have achieved the objectives set from the beginning when hiring their services. Without any reservation, we express our satisfaction working with them and the assurance that this will continue in the future.

Ing. Teresita del Niño Jesús Pérez
Teleinformatics and Systems Coordinator, Centro de Investigaciones en Óptica, A.C.

“We had the pleasure of working with SOLTIMEX™ on a large network infrastructure rebuild project. The SOLTIMEX team produced a competitive quote and offered superior services compared to their competitors. SOLTIMEX™ executed the project with highly skilled technicians; they completed the rebuild of the TWB network in four facilities across Mexico on time and on budget. The quality of the solution exceeded our expectations.


I highly recommend SOLTIMEX™ as a business partner of choice that will successfully accomplish your project objectives. TWB is fully satisfied with SOLTIMEX™ and they are our “go to” network project specialist in Mexico.”


Sincerely – A Very Satisfied Customer!

Michael Reilly
TWB Company, Supplier of Tailor Welded Blanks to the Automotive Industry

“We have been working with SOLTIMEX since June of 2014 in different Infrastructure Solutions and Projects (Communication and PLC Control Cabinets). On this time, SOLTIMEX has worked in a highly, efficient and dedicated manner. We recognise their technical capabilities, dedication and professionalism. In short, SOLTIMEX has the highest recommendations as a business partner”.


Imad Al-Mutawa
Managing IT Director. Kuwait Petroleum, Corp

“SOLTIMEX™ has been key in the installation, configuration and fine tune of our seven Onsite Servers Rooms in our new premises in Mexico; from the conception to the conclusion with awesome results. Actually, it was very much appreciated by the top executive. In short, we have total confidence in its ability to handle any IT infrastructure project to which SOLTIMEX™ is assigned”

Michael Oestreich
IT Solutions Manager. Rassini Internacional